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Welcome to this month’s Notable & Quotable and Happy New Year!

Although he cared little for them, many bards had spun tales of Morden Desch and his powers. Songs recounting his terrible powers to take thunder from the mountains and lightning from the skies had been sung in taverns and by campfires in all the civilized reaches of Stratvs. The master of the Blue Tower had been reputed to bring powerful men to their knees, begging. He had been said to cause nations to weep at the loss of their children. Some of those tales were true.


This month’s Character Bio: Lady Evalynne of Moras. I’ve always sort of envisioned her as a combination of those pictured below. She is stunningly beautiful but, make no mistake, she took Moras and the surrounding lands by the strength of her sword arm and bloody tactics. You can read more about her on our Wiki page here: Bloodlines Reforged Wiki


You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here: Bloodlines Reforged, and dive into the lore of Stratvs at our official wiki page here: Bloodlines Reforged Saga Wiki. You can also join other fans in our Facebook discussion group here: Facebook Group

As to life here in our own little corner of the world, we are all doing well. This is Sunny, the newest addition to our family. Someone apparently dumped him on a dirt road near one of our cattle leases and it broke my heart to see him hungry and out in the cold. Michelle says if I keep this up (we’re up to four dogs now) that we’ll be able to qualify as an official animal rescue site before long.


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