The Bloodlines Reforged Saga

Stalking Shadows (Book IV of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series) is available now on Amazon and the audiobook is available through Audible. The Lords of Order & Chaos Omnibus containing the first three books in the series is also available on Amazon.

The Bloodlines Reforged Saga is an epic sword & sorcery adventure spanning four series available in paperback, eBook, and audiobook forms. Grab a book and begin your adventure today.

Explore our original world of warriors, mages, monsters, maidens, heroes and villains. Check us out on Amazon.

We endeavor to avoid any use of profanity and the romance is kept strictly ‘PG’ in our novels. Our readers range from age 9 to 900 (assuming you’re an elf or a Great Man of old). Each book series is written to stand alone but the dedicated reader will find a wealth of rich characters along with tales of individual struggles and high adventure!

Paperbacks / eBooks / AudioBooks

Roland’s Path:

Book I Heirs of Vanity Series

A boy untested undertakes a quest, the stakes of which are far more than he could guess… Can his need to prove himself overcome the odds against him? Buy Now!

Fires that Forge:

Book I Lords of Order & Chaos Series

Murder. Betrayal. Magic? One knight takes up his hammer to hunt a killer concealed. When dark arts and faith face off, will sorcery or swordsmanship win out? Buy Now!

Heirs of Vanity:

Boxset of the First Trilogy

The quest to rescue a powerful artifact from the clutches of evil calls for a mighty knight…  What happens when a boy answers that call? Buy Now!

Roland’s Path is Book I of the epic sword and sorcery fantasy series, Heirs of Vanity. Join Roland as he endeavours to become a knight in service to the weak. To do so, he must face evil wizards, corrupt paladins, vain knights, and monsters of all varieties. Buy it here on Amazon!

Fires that Forge is Book I of the epic fantasy series, Lords of Order & Chaos. The series begins with a mystery that King’s Inquisitor Dunewell must unravel and young physician Silas of House Morosse must survive. With vampires and drow lurking in the shadows, both will be forged in the fires of treachery and peril. Will their resolve hold? What edicts and oaths are they prepared to break inorder to unravel this murder? Buy it here on Amazon!

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R.J. Hanson has been building the world of Stratvs and its heroes for over two decades. Dive into his epic fantasy adventure.

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