Bloodlines Reforged

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Bloodlines Reforged – An Epic Fantasy Saga

Explore our original world of warriors, mages, monsters, maidens, heroes and villains.

We endeavor to avoid any use of profanity and the romance is kept strictly ‘PG.’ Our readers range from age 9 to 900 (assuming you’re an elf or a Great Man of old). The Bloodlines Reforged Saga is an overall story arc that spans four different series. Each series is written to stand alone but the dedicated reader will find a wealth of rich characters along with tales of individual struggles and high adventure!

When two servants of evil escape during young Roland’s watch, he is driven by his own shame and vanity to take up his axes and track them down himself.  Raised on the rural edges of Gallhallad, can he survive the dangers and complexity of the road ahead?

With the help of his lifelong friend Eldryn, the Cavalier hopeful, and an uneasy bargain with a dagger wielding cutpurse, Roland pursues a wizard of unknown powers and a woman of uncommon beauty and skill.

Will Roland’s vanity not only doom him, but a kingdom he hoped to one day serve as well?

In Roland’s world of Stratvs, vanity has a high price.  A price paid with the blood of the innocent and the guilty.  Around him, swords once pledged to justice rust on the altars of the self-righteous. Click for Free Preview!

The Warlock of the Marshes is a man marked and cursed by a past of horrible deeds.  Will Roland hear his plea?  Can Roland trust the daughter of such a man, or will his own desires betray his reason?

Roland and Eldryn take to the seas of Stratvs, alongside their new Slandik friends, and discover an exotic city that exists in the shadow of harsh laws and savage practices.  Lavon is home to every type of trade and pleasure.  However, such riches place its very soul in peril.

In the distant land of Lawrec, Roland will face trials that will test not only his physical strength, but his own code of honor as well.  Roland’s constitution continues to be forged as he struggles against the evils of the world and his own pride.  But will his efforts be enough to save a land besieged by raiding armies and a people starved of hope?

Join Roland as he takes Swift Blood in hand to battle pirates, fallen champions, and worse.  Roland’s quest to earn his father’s approval continues in Roland’s Vow, Book II of the Heirs of Vanity series. Click here for free preview!

An unseen evil gathers just beyond perception.  In the quiet mornings jaundiced eyes peer out from imagined shadows.  Daeriv’s forces have withdrawn, but his pall touch still lurks in Lawrec.  Its presence stirs Roland’s every nerve.  Will he understand its nature before it’s too late?

Roland faces a choice.  He struggles to fulfill two vows, one to his lord and another to his betrothed.  Will he ignore the wisdom offered by his father?  If he does, what will it cost?

An army that curses the very ground it walks upon puts the future of Lawrec at stake and threatens a bloodline.  How does a knight weigh the life of a single child against the possible desolation of thousands of families?

Bound by his struggle between oaths, Roland may fail to see Claire’s own dilemma.  As she risks what may be fatal rejection, will her love for Roland be enough to see them through?

Roland’s journey continues in Roland’s Triumph, the third book of the Heirs of Vanity Series. Click here for Free Preview! 

Book I of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series

Murder. Betrayal. Lies. Can one inquisitor’s quest for the truth in a city bound for chaos save its soul? In Moras murder is treated as an everyday affair, until it touches the aristocracy.

A serial killer roams the shining streets and dark alleys of Moras.  How can you count yourself safe against a murderer that may wield magic as a weapon?

As the body count rises, those in power demand someone pay for the heinous crimes, but what if the one that stands accused is innocent?  Is there still such a thing as innocence in Moras?

When he learns that his life-long friend is the sole suspect, the decorated veteran turned King’s Inquisitor takes it upon himself to save his friend and root out the murderer.

Already struggling to keep the doors open to his hospital for the city’s forgotten children, now the young physician must also find a way to prove his innocence and dodge the hangman’s noose.

Can the Inquisitor find the elusive killer before the executioner calls?

If you enjoy murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and epic swords and sorcery fantasy tales, then this story is for you!  Charged with tension and intrigue, this thrilling tale of murder and betrayal will leave you second-guessing your own suspicions… and perhaps your perceptions of right and wrong as well.

Fires that Forge, Book I of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series is available for pre-order as of 03/16/2020 on Amazon and releases on 04/06/2020.

The murders are solved, but justice has yet to be served. While the killers’ have been loosed, they are not free. Both are bound by chains of their own forging.

Dunewell, sentenced to discharge his next mission in the company of a harsh, battle-worn companion, must find his way in a world where the system he once vowed to protect has betrayed him. Can a man change his life, himself, after a life in service to a Code he is only now coming to truly understand? Is there a future for him if he fails the secret brotherhood, the Sword Bearers?

Follow as they strive against hidden powers beyond their understanding, and as they seek to unravel which is the hero and which is the villain. Join us for another tale of high adventure in the world of Stratvs as the Bloodlines Reforged Saga continues!You can find

Bloom of Blood and Bone, Book II of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series, is available for pre-order as of 04/03/2020 and releases on Amazon on 04/27/2020!

Dunewell, seeking the path that embodies both his oaths and his conscience, is pursued by honest and just men across the wilds of Stratvs.  Moving as both predator and prey, he and Jonas track the legendary vampire, Lord Slythorne.    Will their uneasy alliance hold long enough to destroy the monster before it’s too late?  Slythorne has enthralled many, honest and devious alike.  Can Dunewell evade his pursuers without spilling innocent blood?  Wearing the mark of an outlaw, what other allies will the Lord of Order be forced to trust? 

Silas, meanwhile, secures his position by way of treaties and pacts under the astute tutelage of the drow and his mistress, Lady Dru.  Now understanding the threat Slythorne poses, will Silas manipulate Dunewell, wielding his brother’s devotion as a shield against this master vampire? 

Can there be reconciliation between Dunewell and Silas, or will their pride doom their fate, and perhaps, the fate of the world?

The Original Betrayer, the Warlock of the Marshes, walks the shores of Tarborat.  What could bring the terrible and mighty Lynneare forth from his cursed fortress?

The Warlord Verkial must betray someone, but who?

Join us for another tale of high adventure in the world of Stratvs as the Bloodlines Reforged Saga continues to unfold.

Whetstones of the Will, Book III of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series, is set for pre-order 4/27/2020, and releases 5/4/2020 (that’s right, May the Fourth!).

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