Glossary and Geography

Here you’ll find an ever-growing glossary of terms from the world of Stratvs as well author’s notes about those terms and a few sights of interest. This list will grow as the need for new terms and new locations develops over time. So, check back frequently to see what’s been added. Have you noticed a term or place we forgot to mention, or that you’d like to know more about? Message us and we’ll be glad to fill in as many blanks as possible.

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Anvilman – One who can be counted upon in the community, reliable leader or councilman.

Aver sl’Okin – Slandik swimming anchor.  Also, an aid in hard times, or a spiritual guide.

Black Waters – The place where the Slandik believe the souls of cowards and betrayers are to wander, lost for eternity.

Bellik – Ingshburn’s created race.  The product of breeding fallen champions and ogres to create belliks.

Bondsman – Sharecropper, tenant farmer, or servant of some sort.

Captains of the Abyss – Very powerful undead warriors that can only be summoned by the most powerful necromancers.

Chelos – The original language of the elves and the gods.

Churchwood – Wood taken from a church or temple that can have mystical or holy properties.

Craven-Jackal – A canine species that hunts and kills everything in its path.  Known for hunting in overwhelming numbers and for the use of devious tactics.

Crou-Mountva- Mountain crevice or garden, typically hidden from sight above the tree line.

Cully Door – Concealed doorway to private chambers or secret passage.  Called so for the mistresses of wealthy men, a.k.a. Cullies.

Cutmen – Persons willing to commit assault or murder for renumeration, a.k.a. bandits, mercenaries, or hired killers.

Drakestone – Jewel crafted by the gods as a mold to create the first dragons.  It is of black and red emerald.  It is known to impart upon its possessor the powers to heal, to communicate with, and, in some cases, control dragons. 

Ethylwayne – Race of horses spawned from Silvor’s hunting horse, Ether, known for their powers of flight and an intellect that rivals the most intelligent of humans.

Fighting stances commonly used in conjunction with melee weapons;

          Guard of the Hawk,

          Stance of the Bear,

          Moras Hold,

          River Stance,

          Raven Wing (the secret art of using not only the blade, but also the                         crosspiece and pommel of a Shrou-Hayn to strike and/or parry)

Fork-snake – Four tusked shark-like sea creature the Zepute are known to hunt for their tusks and potent organs.

Gallows’ cast – Term for a group of people suspected of committing a crime.

Great Sea – Location in the Slandik belief system where the souls of brave warriors and good parents are rewarded for their noble deeds during their lives.

Hayn – Ancient root word meaning hand or action of a deity.

Hold-stone – A hiding place, typically concealed and camouflaged in a stone wall or floor.

Houseman – A person employed by a merchant House, not to be confused with a servant of that House.

Kellmarshee – Race of nomad horsemen indigenous to western Tarborat known to be fierce in battle and an excellent light cavalry. 

King finger – a.k.a. Index finger, called so because no one but the king of a land is permitted to point at an individual with that finger.  The use of the king finger to point at a person by anyone but the king is a gesture used to communicate an open and deadly threat.

Klaatu narkta – Teal colored moss that only grows in the shade.  Its spores are very poisonous, and it cannot be cultivated.

Kluedet-spethyr – or cloud-hunter – Pterodactyls from the jungles of Janis.

Kolvic – Mystical ever-ice only found in Janis.  Used to make weapons of remarkable strength and quality.

Kylljyk – (hairy rhinos) A huge hairy beast that the peoples of Elgellund sometimes trained to ride into combat.  The creatures averaged fourteen feet tall at the shoulder and were known for their remarkable constitutions and strength.

Lanceilier – A class of Silver Helm trained in mentalism magic specific to aid in the command of troops during battle, and to augment their own skills in combat.

Leiness – Black or green glass, although it does occur rarely as red glass.  Created when raw magic encounters magma or lava.  Used to make edged weapons of unparalleled sharpness and strength.

Lexxmar – Green glass known to dampen or completely impede the use or effects of magic.

Merc’s Road – Another name for the sky.  As in, Merc travels the sky shoveling coal into his furnace, a.k.a. the sun.

Mercshyeld – Gray, smoky colored steel alloy known for its light weight and incredible strength.

Mind cloud – Mentalist spell that obscures from memory the details of one’s appearance and passing.

Muerso – Ancient root word meaning death or destruction.

Muerso Blade – Said to be, “forged of a black heart in the repugnance of the UnMaker.”  Cursed edge weapons known to be able to leach the lifeforce of any creature it strikes.

The Quiet Step – A method of stalking using a combination of stealth, camouflage, and low powered mentalism spells.

Rider’s Pike – A dagger or stiletto of exceptional strength by means of an usually thick blade.  Typically carried by cavalry for short, puncturing attacks against another mounted and heavily armored opponent when in close quarters.

The River of Sleep – A common term among many religions for a place of purgatory one must cross before entering a place of judgement.

Roarke’s Ore aka Roarkor – Mystical pure silver, named so for Roarke, the deity of smithing.

Scepters and Swords – Strategy board game, often used to gauge the mental faculties of an opponent.

Scothen – Humanoid, hairless creature with only one eye situated in the center of their forehead.  They are omnivores but prefer to eat people.  They are known to live in the untamed forests of Lethanor and are quite stealthy and quick.  They typically stand about four feet in height and weight approximately three hundred and fifty stone (aka pounds).  They have sharp fangs and claws.

Scroll of Charge and Accusation – Legal term for indictment by a court, or court official.

Sheld – Ancient root word for protector or guardian.

Sheld Fleet – Royal cavalry that holds to the Code.

Sheld-wynn- A class of Silver Helm trained in the use of mentalism to enhance their personal combat capabilities.  Typically charged with maintaining and defending the chain of command, and enforcing commands given by the present, ranking officer.

Shrou – Ancient root word meaning destiny or Fate.

Shrou-Hayn – Large two-handed sword, a.k.a. Greatsword.  The art of making Shrou-Hayns was lost during the Battles of Rending.  The name means hand of Fate, or deity’s will or command.

Shrou-Sheld- Longsword specially weighted to make it easier to wield in combat.  The art of making shrou-shelds was lost during the Battles of Rending.  The name means guardian or protector of Fate or destiny.

Shyeld – Knight or warrior sworn to the old Code of the Cavalier.  Often referring to a quested knight.  The word means righteous guardian.

Shyeld-Hayn – A melee weapon, typically an edged weapon, crafted and enchanted by Lanceilers to by their primary weapon.

Silver Helm – Group of warriors not necessary sworn to any lord, lady, or king.  They do, however, strictly adhere to the laws of the land and will always uphold them.  They can be hired or recruited by any who can pay their fee.

Skinshifter – Were-creatures able to alter from their human form to any number of powerful animals.

Sleeper’s Curse – A curse that can only be placed on a victim if the caster knows exactly where the intended victim laid their head the last time they slept.

Spider Bonds – A potent spell that replicates the nature of a spider’s web with the notable exceptions that the tendrils of the web are as thick as a strong man’s thumb, can withstand several hundred stone of pressure, and can only be cut by the keenest of blades.

Trocado – A species of mystical animals that can change their shape.  Said to have taught Zepute shaman how to perform the ritual allowing them to change into animals or talk to converse with animals.

Ussa – A race of people that are indigenous to the Disputed Isles.

Velloch (a.k.a. gray plate or grayscale) – Lobster like monsters that inhabit caverns underground and black lagoons.  Spawned by the demon prince Tredch.

Walk of Return – Ritual in which survivors escort the dead to the grave-sight, a.k.a. death march.

Writ of Binding – Warrant for arrest and/or a contract.

Wynn – Ancient root word meaning faithful.

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Geography of Stratvs;

Stratvs – the name of the world.  So named for Roarke’s anvil, Stratvs, upon which the world was forged.



                        Whaler’s Rest – Characters associated, Marnie, Ashcliff, Lynneare.

                        Silver Helm Academy – Characters associated, Petie, Roland, and Eldryn.

            Split Town;

                        Flagon Foam – Characters associated, Jonas, and Dunewell.


                        Sani’s Pot and Table – the only inn in Ivantis. 

                        Broken Plow – tavern.


                        Con’s Garden

                        Lower Market Street

                        Marble Flagon

                        Lupern’s Inn

                        Swan a’Flight

                        Noble’s Rest – graveyard.

                        Sanctum Lacra – meaning refuge of faith but could also mean refuge from faith. Name of Silas’ hospital. 

                        Blackstone Hall – where the inquisitors are quartered in Moras.

                        Olithyn – river that flows through and from Moras.

                        Pauper’s Garden – cemetery in Moras for the poor.

            Whynne – river that flows south from Nolcavanor, through Dolloth, and just west of Ivantis down to Bolthor.


                        Blood Hair – tavern frequented by the Slandik.  Characters associated, Roland, Lucas, and Asheim.

            Fordir; home of Roland and Eldryn.  Characters associated, Roland, Eldryn, Shaylee, and Velryk.


            Vanthor; port city of Lawrec.

            Skult; capital of Lawrec.  Characters associated, Roland, Eldryn, Clairenese, Tindrakin, Kullen, Whit, Harriette, Marnie, Kodii, and Ungar.

            Marshes (a.k.a. Cursed Marshes); Characters associated, Lynneare.

The Disputed Isles: islands between Lawrec and Tarborat where the Ussa live.

            Ashoguro: city of Disputed Isles


            Champion’s Rest – mountain where Silas meets Isd’Kislota.


                        Mariner’s Fair – tavern that has bent the knee to Verkial.

                        Bloody George’s – another tavern.

                        Raven’s Nest – Verkial’s keep in Wodock.

                        Horse Eater’s Walk – main street of Wodock.


            Kellfeld Lake – huge lake near the capitol city Thorvol.

            Thorvol: capital city.  Characters associated, Lucas, and Asheim. 

Elgellund: frozen plains where Great Men who would become the ancestors of the Slandik lived in the far south before the Battles of Rending.

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