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RJ grew up on a small ranch in North Texas and has been reading (and writing) fantasy adventures his whole life. In spite of that fact, he was 45 years old before publishing his first work, Roland’s Path.

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RJ Hanson has led a life of variety. During that time, he accumulated a number of real-world experiences that have served to give him a unique understanding of the human condition and a perspective that gives his writing an honest grit. He has also benefited from years of training ranging from interview and interrogation techniques to hand to hand combat to SWAT tactics. RJ is a certified Firearms Instructor and Linguistic Statement Analyst.

The Story of Bloodlines Reforged

The over all saga really began with the idea of Roland, which began in 1996. I began thinking about Stephen King’s character from the Gunslinger Novels and the legendary Roland from the 11th century epic poem the Song of Roland. I had always been enamoured with the idea of Roland single-handedly holding the pass so that Charlemagne and his armies could safely retreat. I wondered what a combination of that character and King’s much more world-weary character would look like in an epic fantasy setting.

Excerpts from the Saga

Fires that Forge (You may notice that a career as a narrator is not in my future)