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Notable and Quotable

This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from comes from Whetstones of the Will, Book III of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series;“It was only natural for a man or woman to want their children to live better lives than they themselves had led. However, none are immune from the harsh realities of the world.Continue reading “Notable and Quotable”


Heads UP! Deals coming your way!

Roland’s Path will be available as a FREE download through KDP (aka Kindle) beginning Monday, 2/17/2020, through Friday, 2/21/2020! On 2/28/2020 We’ll be drawing from our newsletter subscribers to give away FIVE eBooks of Roland’s Vow. On 2/29/2020 a KDP countdown deal will begin on Roland’s Triumph with a starting price of just $.99! KeepContinue reading “Heads UP! Deals coming your way!”


Notable & Quotable

This week’s Notable and Quotable is a continuation of our story from last week. In RPG gaming session about 4 years ago we were running a campaign set it a homebrew sci/fi outer space environment and using bits and pieces from just about every popular sci/fi series out there. So, the character in question isContinue reading “Notable & Quotable”


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Below you’ll find suggested questions for your next book club meeting regarding our first book, Roland’s Path. If you’d like to see more questions for each book from the author, please let us know.

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