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Welcome to this month’s Notable & Quotable. This month’s quote comes from our latest book, Stalking Shadows, Book IV in the Lords of Order & Chaos series. Audiobook coming soon!

“Why would you say such a thing?” Dunewell asked as he threw the rag to the ground.

“To remind you he is your brother, and that he is poison. You can’t trick yourself into thinking of him as only an enemy. You can’t rename him in your mind as Chaos Lord only; for those tricks will wither when you face him again. You must come to terms with the fact that he is your brother, and you will have to kill him.”

“How can you know that? We don’t even know…”

“Yes, we do. Lords of Chaos and Order always come in pairs. They are always tied to one another, although never so closely tied as the two of you, I think. He is alive and you feel it. You just don’t want to admit it to yourself. Were he dead, you would know without a doubt and instead of arguing with me on this riverbank, shovel in hand, you’d be off mourning somewhere while I handled this task on my own.”

”Is it your desire that I test whether or not this shovel will fit down your throat, or some other location, perhaps?”

“It is my desire that you get your mind and soul ready so that when you face him again, you will not hesitate to destroy the evil beast he’s become!”

An unreasoning anger ignited in Dunewell. He took up the shovel and turned to Jonas, taking two quick steps toward him. Dunewell raised the shovel and twisted it so the flat of the spade was aimed for Jonas’s head. Jonas shifted his feet and began tilting his own shovel up and forward…

“Ready in three, two, one…” Isaak yelled.


This month’s Character Bio: Mandurelle, a.k.a. Marnie. Roland and Eldryn first meet Marnie in the port city of Lavon situated between Hunthor and Lawrec. She was ‘on the block’ being sold to the highest bidder as restitution for her father’s tax evasion. I love the transition Marnie makes as she matures and realizes her power is not in her sword arm but rather her mind and firm grasp of trade. You can read more about Mandurelle here: Bloodlines Reforged Official Wiki


You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here: Bloodlines Reforged, and dive into the lore of Stratvs at our official wiki page here: Bloodlines Reforged Saga Wiki. You can also join other fans in our Facebook discussion group here: Facebook Group

Our book mention this month is Shadow of the Sword, by C.J.R. Isely.

He is imprisoned and bound for death.

But could his captor be his savior?

Laster has always wanted to prove himself to his father by becoming a knight of Alamore.


As to life here in our own little corner of the world, we are all doing well. I took a break from Roland’s Sorrow, Book IV in the Heirs of Vanity series, to hang out with a new buddy.


Let me know how you’re doing and always feel free to drop me a line at

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