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Welcome to this month’s Notable & Quotable! Before we get to the N&Q I wanted to announce the omnibus, Lords of Order & Chaos, is available for pre-order now with a release date set for Oct. 31st! Paperback and hard cover editions will be released on the same day.

This month’s N&Q comes from Stalking Shadows, book IV in the Lords of Order & Chaos series (book VII in the Bloodlines Reforged saga), scheduled to release in the fall of 2022.

Ellz, you are my most trusted advisor and have done more than any could ask to secure our way of life here, Queen Jandanero thought/said to her General. I understand your apprehension. You must understand this, we are in danger of becoming stagnate. Furthermore, the fact that the Warlock of the Marshes, First of the Cursed, came to us to make this request is evidence of great and powerful events being set into motion.

Dru was so stunned that she almost gasped aloud. Realizing that she had come to a complete halt, the vampire made as if to study something in the distance, as though some peculiarity had caught her eye. Hoping that the ruse had disguised her misstep, Lady Dru continued on her route to the throne room.

She could hear their thoughts!


We’re going to start a new trend this month with a Character Bio: Per request, this month’s biography is of Lady Dru from the Lords of Order & Chaos series. Lady Dru is a vampire of stunning beauty, yet it’s her remarkable intellect and indomitable will one should fear. Surviving enslavement and torture at the hands of the Blue Tower wizards forged her into a straight razor wrapped in velvet. If you’re looking for strong female characters, look no farther. You can learn much more about Lady Dru in the Lords of Order & Chaos books as well as on the official wiki of the saga:


You can find an evergrowing glossary and geographic guide on our website here: Bloodlines Reforged and dive into the lore of Stratvs at our official wiki page here: Bloodlines Reforged Saga Wiki. You can also join other fans in our Facebook discussion group here: Facebook Group

Our book mention this month is Magic’s Toll: Fatebound, by Toni Binns, FREE on Kindle Unlimited!

Rules are made to be broken, especially rules set by your mother.

Elizabeth turns her back on her family, magic and all. She strikes out on her own to discover her destiny. Luck presents an opportunity to make a quick get-away and prove her family wrong. Mysteries and rumors surround the ship, The Blue Flyer. Yet, Elizabeth doesn’t let that hold her back from signing on for a year.


As to life here in our own little corner of the world, we are all doing well. I’ve managed to get quite a lot of work done outside recently. I’m sure my successes are attributable to my rather skilled assistant.


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