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I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well. This week’s Notable & Quotable, comes from Fires that Forge, Book I of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series, available now at and on Amazon.

     Lady Evalynne leaned over a map of Tarborat and studied another of the mountain passes to the west of Moras.  The black gown that she wore did little to cover her strong, yet shapely body. 

     She was a woman of uncommon will, possessed of a beauty that had felled as many men as her deadly sword.  Her dark golden hair was pulled into a side ponytail and hung down past her neckline.             

She was undoubtedly of the Great Man race as evidenced by her exceptional six feet four inches of height and powerful shoulders and arms. 

     Her dress was in the fashion of most ladies of Moras and of the courts.  A lush gown, Roarkor bracelet, and diamond choker adorned her sea browned skin.  However, she also wore a dagger strapped to her thigh and was never more than a step away from a sword, axe, or hammer.

     She was the Lady of Moras now and had been for several decades.  However, she had lived as a successful pirate for a century before that. 

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on.   

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As to life here in our little corner of the world, we are all doing well. Our darling Pinker is not an early riser.  This is the look I get every morning when Michelle and I get our day started.  She knows our routines and knows when we’re getting ready to go to work.  Which, of course, means we will be leaving her alone forever and ever and ever… possibly to never never never return again.

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