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I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well. This week’s Notable & Quotable, comes from Fires that Forge, Book I of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series.
            “Yes, sir,” Keryk said.  “Sir, if I may?  If you require any assistance on this case, I’d be happy to help.”
            “You have your duties as watchman,” Dunewell said as he slid his war hammer into its steel ring on his belt.
            “I meant in my off-duty hours, sir,” Keryk said.
            Dunewell stopped what he was doing to look at the young man.  True enough, they looked the same age.  However, Dunewell’s race allowed for a much longer life than that of the common man, which in turn meant much slower aging.  Dunewell guessed he was at least two decades older than the young watchman.  Keryk was sandy-haired and possessed of clear brown eyes and a sure way about him.
            “I hope to make inquisitor someday, sir,” Keryk said.  “I’ve asked around and you’re the best.  I hoped to learn from you.”
            “You understand what the position requires?”
            “Yes, sir.  I can read.  I’ve studied sums as well.  In sparring I’m as good with an axe and shield as some of the best watchmen.”
            “Family at home?”
            “No sir.”
            “Who is your sergeant?”
            “That’d be Ulling, sir.”
            “Very well,” Dunewell said.  “I’ll speak to your sergeant tomorrow.  If possible, I’ll have you reassigned as my assistant, for the time being.  You’ll have your chance to prove yourself.  You must understand, though, it is dangerous work.  We’ll not be knocking drunks on the head in tavern brawls or scooping up a twelve-year-old cutpurse in the marketplace.”
            “I understand, sir.  I assure you I am prepared and ready.”
            “No need for your assurances, Keryk,” Dunewell said.  “I’ll see for myself soon enough.  In the mean-time attend to your duties as normal until you hear from me or your sergeant tomorrow.”

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on.   

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This week’s tale to share comes from J.A. Brooklyn.  Black Sanctuary is set in the magical kingdom of Alder. It tells the story of Eve, an orphan who, after years of fighting to survive, is adopted by her aunt, Elizabeth. She offers Eve a life of luxury, a chance to learn magic, and become part of a family again. But Eve can only ask herself questions – the kinds of questions any child might ask when their family shows up after years of silence. What do you want? Why now? What makes you think I can ever trust you again?

Also I need to mention C.J.R. Isely’s audiobook, Ranger of Kings, which is now available on

As to life here in our little corner of the world, we are all doing well. 

This past RPG session was a wild one. We played our homebrew multiverse campaign that Alex was kind enough to GM. It’s a heck of a concept in that any character from any genre, universe, or time period can be thrown into the mix. For example, Tarik (my character) ‘Witch Hunter’ by profession. Born in Romania in 1903, he grew up in New York City and traveled back to Romania to defend his home country during WWI (or the Great War as he calls it). During the trench fighting he encountered a vampire and by happenstance managed to slay the creature. Now, after being mentored by other Hunters, he travels the countryside, and multiverse, hunting evil creatures and protecting an unaware populace. The last campaign involved Tarik, a Space Marine Search & Rescue Tech from the year 4886, a Viking warrior from the year 943, and an Investigator from Scotland Yard who had just recently been on the trail of Jack the Ripper. It’s a lot of wild fun!

Let me know how you’re doing.  Feel free to drop me a line at with word of how you’re doing, questions about our tales, or comments about the story or the world of Stratvs.  If you enjoy our brand of ‘humor’ or just want more frequent updates, you can follow us on Facebook here; Roland’s Quest!
Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’

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