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I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well.  This week’s Notable & Quotable comes from Roland’s Triumph, Book III of the Heirs of Vanity Series
Tindrakin stood and walked past Roland back toward the barn.  Roland could smell the strong drink of the dwarves on Tin’s breath.  Roland hoped he had put an end to that need.  He walked around behind the small home and found Ungar directing other dwarves in their construction work.  They were leveling the foundation for the rest of the house and marking the corners with wooden stakes.
“Ungar, I want you to know how much you and your soldiers being here means to me,” Roland said. 
“That is our way,” Ungar said.  “We stand beside our friends.”
“Will you be here when I return in the spring?”
“I will not,” Ungar said.  “My crew will be though.”
“Where must you go?”  Roland asked.
“Well with you, you dolt,” Ungar replied.  “I’ll not be missin’ any fightin’.  I’m leavin’ behind me a good crew and they’ll do ya a fine job.  Battarc ‘ill be in charge of ‘em.  He’s sturdy, good with stone, and one of the finest warriors I know.  I’ll be marchin’ with you.”
“This is not your fight,” Roland said. 
“I know that,” Ungar said.  “I don’t need a cause, I just need a place.”

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on. 

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The book I need to tell you about this week is a tale from Stefan Calin called Mist at Dawn.  You can download it for a limited time for FREE!  

A mysterious dark storm has been plaguing the world of Vyszalos for more than two months. It spread from Almotte to Kadrassi, covering both continents in darkness, death, and desolation. Yessod, a higher-being from another world has arrived, seeking to stop the utter annihilation of the planet. But things are complicated. For one, the shadowy plague seems to have appeared out of the blue since no one can accurately track down a cause for these dark events. Furthermore, Yessod must solve the mystery and somehow save this world without giving away his true nature to any of its inhabitants as that would irreparably alter its history for the worse. Can Yessod solve the puzzle in time? Will he find a way to undo the evil and bring back life and light into this world? As Yessod rushes to discover what lies behind these ill-fated events, this gripping, fascinating story will take you unto a world like no other…

As to life here in our little corner of the world, we are all doing well. Pinker is still getting to know her way around and this week she met Young Master William. They seemed very interested in one another. 

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Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’

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