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Starting today (12/16/2020) and running through Sunday (12/20/2020) you can get the eBook of Heirs of Vanity (the boxset of Roland’s Path, Roland’s Vow and Roland’s Triumph) for FREE! Your Christmas gift from those of us at Bloodlines Reforged to you. Enjoy!

The quest to rescue a powerful artifact from the clutches of evil calls for a mighty knight…  What happens when a boy answers that call?

In Stratvs, swords, once pledged to justice, now rust on the altars of the self-righteous. Can one boy’s quest for approval restore a peoples’ hope?

When two agents of an evil sorcerer escape during young Roland’s watch, they begin a chain of events not intended by Fate that may threaten a kingdom. Roland is driven by his shame to take up his axes and track them down. Raised on the rural edges of Gallhallad, can he survive the dangers of the road ahead? Can his ideals of right and wrong weather the complexities of the path before him?

With the help of his lifelong friend Eldryn, the Cavalier hopeful, and an uneasy bargain with a dagger-wielding cutpurse, Roland pursues a wizard of unknown powers and a woman of uncommon beauty and deadly skill.

Will Roland’s vanity not only doom him, but his friends and a king he hoped to one day serve as well?

Join Roland and friends as they take to the seas of Stratvs and discover an exotic city that exists in the shadow of harsh laws and savage practices. Roland will face trials that will test not only his physical strength but his own code of honor as well. Roland’s constitution continues to be forged as he struggles against the evils of the world and his own pride. But will his efforts be enough to save a land besieged by raiding armies and a people starved of hope?

Published by RJ Hanson

Author of the Heirs of Vanity and Lords of Order and Chaos series. Just two series is the over all epic fantasy tale Bloodlines Reforged #bloodlines

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