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This week’s Notable and Quotable from the Bloodlines Reforged Saga.        
This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Fires that Forge, Book I of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series.
            Inquisitor Dunewell stepped to the side, and Doctor Morosse shuffled past him, tracking moisture from the morning dew across the polished black and white marble floor of the inquisitor’s quarters.  Dunewell noted that, despite the walk from Morosse House to Blackstone, Silas’s feet also stained the marble with traces of blood. 
            “Dune, they’re… they’re dead…both of them…murdered,” Silas finally managed as Dunewell closed the door.  “She… mother… and my father, they’re both dead.”
            Dunewell knew Silas well, perhaps better than anyone else did, and had not seen him shake or heard him stammer since his childhood.  He felt the flash of contagious panic and hysteria burst in his breast but muzzled that wild beast quickly.
            “Killian and Helena?”
            “Yes,” Silas said as he downed his head.  “I didn’t know…I hope… I hope I was right to come to you first.”

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well.

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You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on.

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On the home front, we’re going to begin creating a few videos of me reading segments of Roland’s Path and Fires that Forge which can be found on our Facebook page here; Facebook Bloodlines.  We just added a new page to our website where those videos will be showcased.  I’m about 24k words into Stalking Shadows, Book IV of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series now.  This one is going slow, but we’re making progress.  

Here’s hoping you’re all surviving the Big Q and adjusting to the huge changes we’re all facing right now. 
We had a pretty great gaming session this last week.  A couple of players for the other campaign weren’t available this week so we switched gears to a campaign set in Stratvs.  The party consisted of a force mage (disguised as a monk), a templar of Bolvii, a ‘scout’ (read assassin), a bounty hunter, a lanceilier, and a sheld-wynn.

For those of you asking about the local wildlife, our cat population has done an excellent job of keeping mice, moles, and snakes away from the house and out of the barn.  My son says this scene reminds him of the movie Sleepwalkers, based on Stephen King’s novel. 

Let me know how you’re doing.  Feel free to drop me a line at with word of how you’re doing, questions about our tales, or comments about the story or the world of Stratvs.  If you enjoy our brand of ‘humor’ or just want more frequent updates, you can follow us on Facebook here; Roland’s Quest!
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