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This week’s Notable and Quotable is a continuation of our story from last week. In RPG gaming session about 4 years ago we were running a campaign set it a homebrew sci/fi outer space environment and using bits and pieces from just about every popular sci/fi series out there.

So, the character in question is our team medic and is played by an actual EMT. If you remember from last week, he made a dune-buggy, ran down 10 or 12 enemy soldiers, and the critical results were horrific! When the last die roll comes to rest on a killing crit, the player looks up, smiles, and then cheers, “DOOM-buggy!” Weeks go by in game while this character is scrapping and selling off everything he can, clearly saving up for some major purchase. When he finally has what he needs together he reveals that he’s been building an 18-wheeler that pulls 2 trailers. One trailer is a complete and mobile trauma unit for emergency medicine, and the other houses the DOOM-buggy. The front of the 18-wheeler is re-enforced steel and C-wire for running over enemy combatants. What does he call it? You guessed it, the Trauma Truck!

In other news, we’re attaching the test blurb for Fires that Forge;
-A serial killer roams the shining streets and dark alleys of Moras. How can you count yourself safe against a murderer that may wield magic as a weapon?

As the body count rises, those in power demand someone pay for the heinous crimes, but what if the one that stands accused is innocent? Is there still such a thing as innocence in Moras?

When he learns that his life-long friend is the sole suspect, the decorated veteran turned King’s Inquisitor takes it upon himself to save his friend and root out the murderer.

Already struggling to keep the doors open to his hospital for the city’s forgotten children, now the young physician must also find a way to prove his innocence and dodge the hangman’s noose.

Can the Inquisitor find the elusive killer before the executioner calls?

If you enjoy murder mysteries, psychological thrillers, and epic swords and sorcery fantasy tales, then this story is for you! Charged with tension and intrigue, this thrilling tale of murder and betrayal will leave you second-guessing your own suspicions… and perhaps your perceptions of right and wrong as well.

If you’re into swords & sorcery fantasy AND/OR a fan of psychological thrillers about serial killers, then Fires that Forge is the story for you! Think John Boorman’s Excalibur meets Lehane’s Shutter Island.

As far as what’s happening around here, let me fill you in on the adventures of Henry the Peacock. So, our ridiculous bird, Henry the Peacock, refused to leave the top of Michelle’s car and go to the barn with Margaret, our Peahen, during our snow storm earlier this week. We tried baiting him with blue berries (which is his absolute favorite), and tried driving the car around in the snow hoping the movement would get him to move on. Nope, he just roosted down harder (if that’s possible). So, we had to drive the car down to the barn so he could actually see Margaret, and then feed Margaret in front of him finally making him jealous enough to go into the barn! What a weird bird!

Reminder that we will be meeting with the Books&Beers Sci/Fi and Fantasy Book Club this coming Saturday, 02/15/2020, to discuss Roland’s Path and sign a few books. If you’re in the DFW area you should come by! We’ll be at Ron’s Place, a great little bar in Addison Texas (4145 Beltline Rd).

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