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This week’s Notable and Quotable is from an RPG gaming session about 4 years ago. We were running a campaign set it a homebrew sci/fi outer space environment and using bits and pieces from just about every popular sci/fi series out there.
We were on a desert planet and one of the players buys a wheeled vehicle (because he didn’t trust speeders) and has the tech skill to modify and customize it to his liking. He effectively made a dune-buggy.
So we’re fighting storm soldiers (because the term storm troopers was taken) and this player gets wounded, crawls back to his dune-buggy and is barely able to drive. Instead of fleeing in the vehicle though, he turns toward the bad guys that have the rest of the group flanked. He runs down 10 or 12 and the critical results were horrific! When the last die roll comes to rest on a killing crit, the player looks up, smiles, and then cheers, “DOOM-buggy!”
In other news, we are polishing the blurb for Fires that Forge, Book I of the upcoming Lords of Order and Chaos Series, and making final changes to the cover. Keep an eye out for the cover reveal coming soon!
If you’re into swords & sorcery fantasy AND/OR a fan of psychological thrillers about serial killers, then Fires that Forge is the story for you! Think John Boorman’s Excalibur meets Lehane’s Shutter Island.
In the meantime, I am notifying the winners of our audiobook giveaway by email later today, putting hay out for the cows, and making sure our peacocks get some blueberries. Oh, and I’ve gotta prep for our gaming session today! Enjoy your weekend, folks!
Until Next Time,Remember to ‘Crush Your Enemies!’RJ

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