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The omnibus is coming soon! The first three volumes of the Heirs of Vanity Series in one large binding (see cover below). Now, on to this week’s business. Three winners have been chosen in the signup contest for autographed copies of our paperbacks and map and those lucky winners have been emailed.

This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Roland’s Vow, Book II of the Heirs of Vanity Series;
“You are all heirs of vanity,” Lynneare said as he looked out over the lands of Lawrec. “My vanity and the vanity of others.”
“My lord?” Ashcliff asked.
“Never mind,” Lynneare said. “Is your payment adequate compensation for your time and efforts?”
“Yes,” Ashcliff said.
“Have you any ambitions regarding the Masters of your profession?” Lynneare asked.
“My plans in that regard I do not share with anyone, no offense.”
“None taken,” Lynneare said. “Allow me to say this, if one as capable as you were to have ambitions, then I would be interested in investing in those plans.” #bloodlines

Published by RJ Hanson

Author of the Heirs of Vanity and Lords of Order and Chaos series. Just two series is the over all epic fantasy tale Bloodlines Reforged #bloodlines

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