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Welcome to this month’s Notable & Quotable. This month’s quote comes from our latest book, Stalking Shadows, Book IV in the Lords of Order & Chaos series. Audiobook available now on I’ll send a free download code for the audiobook to the first person who can tell me what song inspired the below descriptions of Morden Desch’s reputation.

Although he cared little for them, many bards had spun tales of Morden Desch and his powers. Songs recounting his terrible powers to take thunder from the mountains and lightning from the skies had been sung in taverns and by campfires in all the civilized reaches of Stratvs. The master of the Blue Tower had been reputed to bring powerful men to their knees, begging. He had been said to cause nations to weep at the loss of their children. Some of those tales were true.


You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here: Bloodlines Reforged, and dive into the lore of Stratvs at our official wiki page here: Bloodlines Reforged Saga Wiki. You can also join other fans in our Facebook discussion group here: Facebook Group

Our book mentions this month are: The Ring Keeper by A.J. Park. Caught between twin brothers, one courting demons and sorcery, the other the ruler of an empire protected by magic, Ana bears a ring of unknown powers, her legacy from a mother she never knew.


Next, Three Dwarven Maidens & One Drunken Swordsman, by Merrick Ulrik. Gunner Banaburer, a sword for hire and a tired veteran of The Great War has a debt of honor to repay. A mythical badass with a greatsword, he has his own inner demons and a dark secret. While three beautiful young daughters of the famed dwarven general, “Groodmaer” are to be smuggled back to a dwarven stronghold under The Belshar Mountains to be married for a dowry of a king’s ransom…


And, last but not least, Tides of Blackness, by Luna Fox. A dawning darkness…Months after Kalindra survives her sham trial at Sil’derel, exposing the demidrake Ulfaren as a fraud, and revealing the horror of the newly born voidragons to her fellow Dracomancers, the threat Parthenis faces has become clear: beyond the growing power of Albrecht Therin and his Alliance, worse than the political strife in Tar’Derel and other gean enclaves, the Sightless Cabal is making strides in fully bringing the Blackness Beyond to the world.


As to life here in our own little corner of the world, we are all doing well and are very happy to be coming out of our Texas flavored winter. Turbo, Sunny, and I were checking fence lines and I brought along some of Michelle’s homemade beef jerky. My guess is, these two were saying Grace, assuming they were going to get some jerky too. They were right.


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