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I hope this month’s newsletter finds you all well.  This week’s Notable & Quotable comes from Whetstones of the Will, Book III in the Lords of Order & Chaos Series, which just released on! Get the audiobook today!
           Ivant, more than seven feet tall, had a great stride that lent to his speed.  However, burdened with Truthorne’s weight and dodging hatchlings and collapsing buildings made for slow progress.
            “I can make another stand,” Truthorne grunted as Ivant’s shoulder pounded into his gut while he jogged along.  “Put me down and let me stand!”
            Ivant had hastily thrown Truthorne over his shoulder before running for the protection of the vast stone citadel of Ivory Rose.
            “I can see the bone sticking out of your leg,” King Ivant barked, perhaps harsher than he intended.  “It’s in its death throes now, I’m sure.  I have to get you back to a priest or a healer.”
            As he spoke, a black tentacle struck a chunk of stone the size of a five-masted ship from the top of a nearby temple.  The ground beneath Ivant’s feet trembled with the force as the mountain-size steeple loomed over them, blocking out the sun.

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on.   

This month we’re taking a look at Rachael Dunn’s tale, Vessels.  You can get this adventure for FREE for a limited time! “Ashira is the reincarnation of the legendary pharaoh. All she has to do is reclaim her throne.”

As to life here in our little corner of the world, we are all doing well. 
Well… some days Pinker has a rough time.  She hates it when I have to work late.

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