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IASFA spotlights Dark Fantasy for July

When the horror and dread claws at you from every page and the plot wades into deep emotional distress, then you are reading Dark Fantasy. Be it a trick of the hand, a bend of a shadow, or a flash of the sword, all are a journey for the mind. Dark fantasy books take you places you dare not go in person. Climb mountains haunted by beasts. Travel rivers infested by thieves. Venture into realms of monsters, demons, and dark angels.

For the hot summer nights, IASFA has gathered a bundle of tales to delight the mind and ensnare the spirit. Books with gritty, gruesome, and gut-wrenching prose, containing fantasy that’s almost too realistic. July’s free books will do no damage to your coin purse. But to your soul? That is another thing altogether.

Toss a coin to your Witcher or pay the bard for a song, but these books are free for five days, from July 13th thru 17th. Grab them now and let them grab you.

Available only from the not-so-dark but eminently mysterious IASFA (International Association of Science-Fiction & Fantasy Authors). You can’t get there with one click because we’re fighting the scum of the wasteland. Here is what it takes to get you to your free books.

1) click this link https://iasfa.org/get-free-books/

2) Become an Insider by filling out your name (or online persona) and email address

3) Answer the math problem because we know ravagers suck at math

4) Check your email – you should have received a confirmation email thanking you for subscribing, but you have to click on this to confirm your confirmation because we know that is the kiss of death for scum-sucking bottom feeders

5) Your subscription is confirmed! Go back to your email for the final confirmation which, during the free promotion period, will include the super-secret link that takes you into the back-end of the site where you can find incredible titles from some of the top names in the genre as well as well-established newcomers. If you join before the promotion timeframe, then you’ll get an email on the first day of the promotion with the super-secret link.

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Author of the Heirs of Vanity and Lords of Order and Chaos series. Just two series is the over all epic fantasy tale Bloodlines Reforged #bloodlines

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