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I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well.  This week’s Notable & Quotable comes from Bloom of Blood & Bone, Book II of the Lords of Order & Chaos Series.
            His lean yet powerfully muscled form stood like a marble pillar as the north wind slapped his black silk robe against his frame.  His sword, a Shrou-Hayn of old, lay on the frozen stone behind him next to his boots and hooded cloak.  His bald head also shined with the monochromatic, cold light of a cloudless winter night.
            Lynneare had gorged himself on the blood of more than a dozen Tarborat warriors.  He had subsisted on a diet of creatures and livestock for centuries in an effort to begin his atonement.  However, a test of greater penance was before him, and he did not view the slaughter of soldiers serving the Stone Throne a sin, and apparently, neither did Father Time.  Ingshburn sought to destroy the world of man, elf, and dwarf.  Ingshburn sought to bring about a darkness so monstrous it would even threaten the gods.  Lynneare thought the murder of soldiers who would submit to the command of Ingshburn the opposite of a transgression.  It was an act worthy of the Shyeld or Templars of old.
            Now he would be pushed physically and mentally farther than he had in an eon.
Now the Sands of Time were once more his to manipulate.  Now he had the Hourglass of the Father. 

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on. 

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The first book to mention this week is The King’s Trial, by M.L. Farb, also available in audiobook.  In a land where stories of the Shadow Demon keep children shivering in bed and tales of the Yorel bring hope to the commoner, Yosyph is both the reason for their fear and their hope. 

The next book on our list this week is The Northern Prince, by Stephen Calin.  When the lightcrafter Yessead comes to the world of Ellos he finds the fragile peace threatened by an impending war.  But a much darker threat looms in the shadows.

Our last book to tell you about this week is one you may have seen before, A Fiery Farewell, by Paul Cude. Captured, bereft of magic, allies dead, severely outnumbered, torn apart and about to be put to the sword, can the brave dragon and human heroes escape their inexplicable fate at the hands of a being that knows no mercy?
Will the arrival of a vengeful group of mythical beasts help or hinder their efforts?
Can two beings from different ages combine to aid them?

As to life here in our little corner of the world, we are all doing well. As you can see by the pictures below, our beloved Pinker thoroughly enjoyed her Christmas present.

As you may have guessed, I got into a bit of trouble over the mess it made.

Happy New Year to all of you! Let me know how you’re doing.  Feel free to drop me a line at with word of how you’re doing, questions about our tales, or comments about the story or the world of Stratvs.  If you enjoy our brand of ‘humor’ or just want more frequent updates, you can follow us on Facebook here; Roland’s Quest!
Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’

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