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Back to ‘regular’ business this week. So, without further delay, your Notable and Quotable for the week;
This week’s Notable and Quotable is from Whetstones of the Will, Book III in the Lords of Order & Chaos Series;
            As Maloch bent forward, his long white hair spilled out of the hood he wore.  He raised one hand slowly and pushed back his cowl to reveal his ebony skin and shining white eyes.  Dunewell twisted his war hammer in his hands and scanned their surroundings once again.  He’d faced drow in Tarborat and knew they were fond of their tricks, deceptions, and ambushes. 
            Why did I not sense him? Dunewell thought/said.
            He isn’t evil, Whitburn replied.  Perhaps he was once, but he no longer bears the aura.  I’d like to kill him too, but I think we should hear him out.  He has the scent of Father Time’s power and will.
            “I bet you have an interesting story to tell,” Dunewell said, hoping his tone would help to calm Jonas.

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If you’re looking for a starter into the Bloodlines Reforged Saga, Fires that Forge and/or Roland’s Path are the starting blocks.  The complete first trilogies of both are available on Amazon and can be found here; Heirs of Vanity and Lords of Order & Chaos.  We have at least two more series planned (Orphan’s Blade and Templar’s Rebellion) that will go into the over all Saga.  Each series is set up to stand alone, but you will find a deeper understanding of all the characters involved if you read all the series.  Please consider leaving us a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Thanks!

You can find an ever-growing glossary and geographic guide on our website here;  You can also find a few spoilers such as the lineage of kingdoms, the Code of the Cavalier, and so on.

I need to tell you about Rowan Staeffler’s The Black Eyed Witch. Here’s what the author has to say on Amazon; Lithia is hunted by evil King Noran, a madman obsessed with acquiring the longevity, healing powers, and inhuman strength of witches. Royal guard and former witch hunter Ronan, framed for killing Noran’s predecessor, escapes the palace before Noran can silence him. 

Oh, and another tale comes to us from Lauren M.D. called Where There’s Smoke. Lauren M.D. is a rising fantasy author. She lives in urban areas with her husband and two dogs. She loves reading, travelling and daydreaming.
She writes new epic fantasy filled with betrayal, intrigue, mysteries, romance, adventure and twisting plots. She loves exploring cultures and her books are praised for having gripping stories. She cut her reading teeth on the likes of J.K. Rowling, JRR Tolkien, George R.R. Martin,Stan Lee.

A third novel, A Fiery Farewell, comes to us this week from Paul Cude. Here’s what one reviewer had to say, “I can’t in all honesty remember when a series of books effected me so much. I cried like mad at the end feeling the emotion of the characters I’d become familiar with through the storyline who were brilliant, brave and lovable. A MUST for all who enjoy this genre. My sincere thanks to the author for his skill and ability with words and for the journey these books have taken me on.

On the home front, some of you know I was hospitalized last week due to some symptoms of Covid. I am happy to report that I am home and no longer subject to a diet of only hospital food. Pinker has been very happy to have me home. She did not agree with the hospital’s policy about no visitors.

Let me know how you’re doing.  Feel free to drop me a line at with word of how you’re doing, questions about our tales, or comments about the story or the world of Stratvs.  If you enjoy our brand of ‘humor’ or just want more frequent updates, you can follow us on Facebook here; Roland’s Quest!
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