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This week’s Notable and Quotable from the Bloodlines Reforged Saga.

This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Bloom of Blood and Bone, Book II of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series.

         – Silas now realized he had smelled the charged air of a glade just before a spring thunderstorm in the vestibule just outside.  Now, in these quarters, the heavy smell of the inside of a grave was back and tinted lightly with the presence of herbs and perfume. 

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well.  Big news, Fires that Forge (Book I of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series) will be available as a FREE download for one day and one day only!  Monday, 5/18/2020, Fires that Forge will be available through Amazon as a FREE eBook download.  Bloom of Blood and Bone (Book II) and Whetstones of the Will (Book III) are also available for purchase on Amazon.  Also, please consider leaving us a review on Amazon! Thanks.

This week’s bundles; Caffeinated Boxset Fantasy Book Fair, is a grouping of fantasy collections available through June 10th.

I also need to let you know about the Mid-May Fantasy Collection which is a collage of FREE fantasy short stories and tales available for download and includes our short story, Depths of Nolcavanor.

On the home front, we’re going to begin creating a few videos of me reading segments of Roland’s Path and Fires that Forge which can be found on our Facebook page here; Facebook Bloodlines.  I’ve also begun work in earnest on Stalking Shadows, Book IV of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series.

There is a short video of me reading the prologue of Fires that Forge which is up now and can be found on the Facebook page and our website, Bloodlines Reforged.  So, if listening to an untrained narrator with zero talent for public speaking is your thing, this should satisfy. 

Pictured below are the finished products of my labor over the previous week.  Is my nerd showing?

Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’


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