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This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Whetstones of the Will, Book III of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series.

          “Thanks to your efforts, I possess the Sands of Time,” Lynneare said, following Ash’s gaze.  “I have foreseen many outcomes of many scenarios.  I have seen many of your futures.  Your success here is in all of them.”

          “Then…” Ash began but was cut short by the Warlock’s upheld finger.

          “The future is like silence,” the old spellcaster said.  “Once spoken, twice broken.”

I hope this week’s newsletter finds you all well and enduring the state of affairs with aplomb.  Whetstones of the Will released earlier this week completing the first trilogy of Lords of Order and Chaos.  Fires that Forge (Book I) and Bloom of Blood and Bone (Book II) are also available on Amazon.  Also, please consider leaving us a review on Amazon! Thanks.

This week’s bundle, The Best Short Stories, is running through the end of May.  Check out the link and find a multitude of great tales available for FREE!

I also need to let you know about Once Upon Another World, a Twisted Fairy Tale Boxset by Silvana G. Sanchez and many other authors. “Was it actually Red who hunted the wolf? What if the prince was the one in distress? Did the straw really get spun into gold? How well did those glass slippers truly fit?”  For a limited time, you can pre-order this HUGE boxset for only $0.99!

For the post-apoc fans out there, The Jethro Parables by Justin Fillmore is worth a look.

“All is Dust in the Land of Eternal Sand.”

On the home front, I’m still on a break in between books and getting a few more chores done around the house that I’ve been meaning to get to… for about 2 years now. For more progress pictures, check out our Facebook page here; Facebook Bloodlines.

I have a few more to wrap up before beginning Stalking Shadows, Book IV of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series.  If you haven’t read the sister series, Heirs of Vanity, now would be a good time.  You can get the first three books of that series, Roland’s Path, Roland’s Vow, and Roland’s Triumph in one box set.  Each series is designed to stand alone, however, I think you’ll have a deeper appreciation for the tale when coupled with the other series in the saga.

Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’


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