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This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Whetstones of the Will-
            It was only natural for a man or woman to want their children to live better lives than they themselves had led.  However, none are immune from the harsh realities of the world.  There will always be men willing to kill to take what is not theirs.  There will always be those who are hungry and cannot feed themselves.  Thus, there must always be those that will stand for the weak, and feed those who are hungry.  As Arto put it, ‘the villain does not create the hero, but he does reveal him.’

Fires that Forge (Book I) is available on Amazon now, the pre-order for Bloom of Blood and Bone (Book II) is live as we speak and releases 4/27/2020!  Pre-orders for Whetstones of the Will (Book III) are also live and it releases on 5/04/2020.

We are also running a KDP countdown deal on Heirs of Vanity (that’s 3 books in 1!) starting Monday, 4/27/2020 with an opening price of just $0.99!

In other news, I need to let you know about a bundle of horror, sci/fi, suspense, and fantasy works that you can ready right now on KU (Kindle Unlimited) for free!  You can find the bundle here,  We also have a bundle of fantasy short stories and tales that anyone can download for FREE!  You can find that list here;

On the homefront, until Wednesday my wife and I were working away business as usual at our ‘essential’ professions.  However, Wednesday a member of our household learned that they had been exposed to COVID-19, and thus, we are all quarantined until their test results come back. 

We are endeavoring to make the best of it in that we are in the midst of a Marvel Movie Marathon.  Also, the shelves that quarantine built. Of course, Margaret had to supervise, which is ridiculous because that bird can’t cut a right angle to save her life.

p.s. Please buy some books, you can tell by the pics there’s no way I can make it as a carpenter.

I hope you’re all making it through your own struggles with the Big Q.

Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’


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