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This week’s Notable and Quotable comes from Bloom of Blood and Bone, Book II in the Lords of Order and Chaos Series, available for pre-order now.
-Dunewell could clearly see the calm come to Jonas’s face, but that did not ease his concern.  Dunewell had not observed Jonas travel from rage to reason.  The transformation Dunewell had witnessed was from an angry man threatening murder to a rational man planning one.
Fires that Forge is available on Amazon now, the pre-order for Bloom of Blood and Bone is live as we speak AND I completed the first draft of Whetstones of the Will this week!  Look for it on Amazon the first week of May.

We also have a couple of bundles I want to let you know about.  Working with a few other authors, we’ve put together this package of tales you can download for free!  You can find that package here; Horror, Suspense, Thriller, and Fantasy!

If you have Kindle Unlimited (KU) we put together this list of books available to read there for free!  You can find those titles here; Beasts of Fantasy!

In other news, we’ve adapted our gaming day given the requirements of quarantine that we are all dealing with to one degree or another.  We’ve incorporated a bit of tech to include our players that can’t make the trip for Game Day.  A huge shout out to Discord, Roll 20, and other services that are making this and so many other gatherings possible.

undefinedWe also took a break this week from writing and editing to get a few chores out of the way.  By applying a bit of elbow grease we burned two stumps and eliminated a brush pile in the process.  We are also proud to report another healthy calf born earlier this week!

We also got a visit from the editor/daughter and her pup, Lilly Belle.  She and Maggie are enjoying the better weather as well!
Until next time, ‘Crush your Enemies!’

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