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I know the events in the world around us have affected us all to one degree or another. So, help where you can, and do what you can. The phrase the British coined in the preparatory days of World War II has been oft-quoted, ‘keep calm, and carry on.’

This week’s notable and quotable comes from Bloom of Blood and Bone, Book II of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series; pre-orders going live 4/06/2020.

-If an intended strike can be seen, it can be countered. Had that been a cut to your arm you would begin to lose strength in it. You would be fighting against time, needing to end the battle before you bled to death. You may be wondering if our style is better than your own. In answer, I offer the fact that a Silver Helm, formerly a lord of the Tarborat front, now fetches my wine. – A’Ilys, drow Master of Spies.

We are gearing up for the release of Fire’s that Forge, Book I of the Lords of Order and Chaos Series, on 4/06/2020. Pre-orders are available now for $2.99 for a limited time and can be found here;

I want to take a moment to mention The Perfect Fight by S.Y. Humphrey. You can find it here;

“My name is Galilee Bartlett. I’m from Liberty, Texas.  It’s the year 2031, and though I’m only seventeen, I guess you can say I’m already at my wit’s end.  My father, the former mayor of Liberty, an honorable farmer and a veteran who fought for his country, is dying. He’s got a rare, untreatable disease. The doctors have stopped seeing him. In our new genetic-based government of Perfect Society, a computer algorithm has determined that my family doesn’t have enough “value” to justify keeping my dad alive.”

As for me, I like the looks of it and am certainly adding it to my reading list.

In local news, kidney stones are not nearly as much fun as advertised. However, we have eliminated the scarier possibilities, so I can be happy with kidney stones and consuming less potassium.

Also, tomorrow we are celebrating our 17th wedding anniversary and the 1st anniversary of the release of Roland’s Path!  My bride surprised me yesterday with my gifts.  She presented me with a coffee cup and travel mug with our publishing trademark (and a certain character’s family crest) on them! How cool is that!?

Finally, today is EVILPALOOZA! Once or twice a year we get together for a major gaming session where our evil characters dust off their best weapons and curses and throw down. I’m suiting up Hellmog, my orc burglar. He’s certainly not the bruiser my half-troll indurate is, but he is sneaky. So, time for me to carb up, get some more coffee in me, and get the gaming room together.

Until next time,

‘Crush your Enemies!’

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